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Dailyhunt’s mission is to create an Indic platform empowering a billion Indians to discover, consume and socialize with that content in 14 different languages to choose from. They aim to bridge the gap between Bharat and India while offering unbiased content and stories to their viewers.

Kyoorius Young Blood Awards 2019 entry

Branding and Strategy

Brand repositioning 


Old Logo

India, in a nutshell, shares cultures, stories and associations relatable to each and every person living there. With every day being a mixed bag of context and content, the exchange can be open ended: everyone sees it in their own way. And thinks.

Dailyhunt is someone who knows the talk of the town and is smart enough to share it with us. The tone of the brand encapsulates the spirit of the youth in the most bold and direct sense.


The boxy typeface resembles a network within a community. But we also realised that the wordmark itself was getting really long and it being recognised as a unique mark across various applications was getting tough. So we decided to use the first glyph from every language

Each icon is based on the primary choice of language you use on the Dailyhunt app. According to that, your homescreen has 14 multiple options from languages Punjabi, Urdu, Bhojpuri, Telugu, Malayalam, Gujrati, Odiya, Bengali, Hindi and English.

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