TedxMITID 2019

For TEDxMITID 2019, we chose to explore the ability of sight as a theme. Seeking to keep the subject of discussion broad and relevant,  we expanded our theme into three main subsets : hindsight, insight and foresight. Our approach to the visual language of this theme relied on experimentation and messaging.

Branding and Identity Design

Marketing and Strategy

When we split the theme into three parts, it was evident that there was a lot of scope for wordplay and copywriting. In the pursuit of giving our event a distinct mark, we added a Bar or Window before the word ‘sight’.

 We immediately knew that the Bar would be our most simple and exciting element of the entire visual language. It acted as a dynamic and versatile window, providing us with almost limitless scope for visual play.

Speaker : Rajyashri Goody

Since experimentation was at the core of creation, we adopted the bar into different formats that would suit the theme(s). After hours of debating the semiotics of the bar, we arrived at a simple interpretation of past, present and future.

Speaker : Vasu Dixit

Speaker : Jaya Misra

Speaker : Rajyashri Goody

Speaker : Lena Robra

Thanks to Aaditya Padhye, Deepak Ramarao, Samyukta Sam, Shekhar Menon, Shruti Kembhavi and Twisha Mehta for being an absolute dream team on this project.