A’PEEL, serves as a healthy alternative to the regular unhealthy snacking items. This range would include a variety of chips and seasonings made out of dried fruit peels of organic hand-picked fruits.

(Materials) Boxboard lined with Aluminium

Branding and Nomenclature

Packaging Design

Full Project


(Challenge) The Indian market being very picky about what they consume, creating something 'organically grown and dried wasn't the way to go.

Studies showed that we're more likely to buy something that reminds us of the acquired taste over the years. This is when we decided to pair each fruit with a complimentary essence people choose to normally have the specific fruit with.

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This product promotes usage of the entire fruit whose peel is also edible, thereby avoiding food wastage. The nutrients lost while one peels the fruit before eating the insides are gained back. Maximizes flavor and nutrition simultaneously.

This structure has been divided into three parts which also look like fruit slices. This also makes the package more portable and easier to handle.


Dried Seasoning


Thanks to Anshika Agarwal, Nabhya Parmar and Priyal Bafana for being an integral part of this project.



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